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I Didn't Grow Up to be a Wicked Stepmother

by Marion Summers
Review by Margorie Engel

I Didn't Grow Up to be a Wicked Stepmother is a journal of self-discovery shared in a support group. While the journal was designed to be used in self-help small group setting, stepmoms who prefer to forage for information in private will find the discussion questions clear evidence that they are not "alone." Discussions range from the stepmother role to the wicked ex-wife and difficulties facing stepchildren. Because she rarely heard encouragement for the energy, love, structure, and stability of stepfamilies who were working through their family issues on a daily basis and being successful, this SAA board member, stepmother, and school counselor compiled these discussions and success stories so she could shout from the rooftops, "Yes, there is hope! You can do it! Don't give up - it is possible!" The stepmothers who have participated in her classes are a testimonial to success.

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