Book Reviews

Stepfamilies: History, Research, and Policy

edited by Irene Levin and Marvin Sussman
Review by Patricia Schiff Estess

If you're having a difficult time getting your new stepfamily to "work," here's a compilation of studies that focuses not on how difficult is it (which it is), but on the factors that promote family cohesiveness and integration. It's by far the most readable of the three academic books reviewed here - thanks in part to some researchers well-known to SAA and their "sounds like our family" approach to communicating - people like Marilyn Ihinger-Tallman, Kay Pasley, Marilyn Coleman, Lawrence Ganong, Anne Bernstein, and, of course, Emily and John Visher. This is a good book to keep by the night table - as reference and inspiration - when life in a stepfamily becomes uncommonly chaotic. That's because the research once again debunks the notion that still persists in some areas that the stepfamily is an incomplete or undesirable institution.

Lots of interesting stuff finds its way into the pages:

A good read!

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