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Smart Steps Family Life Curriculum for Stepfamilies

Our research-based education program for adults and children living in stepfamilies.

Online Stepparenting Program Toolkit

Video-based interactive program featuring 10 common challenges in stepfamilies. A library of useful information is also available on topics related to parenting, stepparenting, coparenting, and managing a healthy couple relationship. All available free!

Quick Steps: Information to Help Your Stepfamily Thrive

These one to two page downloads are based on current research about remarriage and stepfamily life. Download the ones that interest you and share them with family and friends. If you are a professional working with stepfamilies, use them to supplement classes you may be offering, presentations you give, or simply offer them to families you're working with.

Love Notes

These one-page downloads are based on current research about creating healthy relationships. The Love Notes come out of the Alabama Healthy Marriage and Relationship Education Initiative (AHMREI). Download the ones that interest you and share them with your friends and family.

Remarriage Works is dedicated to providing you with information, community, and products to enhance your experience of remarriage and stepfamily living. 

Healthy Marriage Handbook

This colorful 44-page resource is an educational "handbook" for a healthy marriage. It is designed to share information learned from studying healthy marriages. Helpful tips as well as additional publications, resources, and Web sites are provided in a reader-friendly format. Useful in family and child programs and services. Useful in premarital and marriage enrichment programs.

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