The Healthy Marriage Handbook: Keys to a Successful Marriage

Strong, healthy, long-lasting marriages don’t just happen on their own. They happen when two people are intentional about their marriage. Research has established that certain key elements are associated with healthy relationships and healthy marriages, and they can be learned!

This colorful 44-page resource is an educational “handbook” for a healthy marriage. It is designed to share information learned from studying healthy marriages. Helpful tips as well as additional publications, resources, and Web sites are provided in a reader-friendly format. Useful in family and child programs and services. Useful in premarital and marriage enrichment programs.

Topics Covered

  • Money
  • Work and Family
  • Home and House-care Responsibilities
  • Children
  • In-Laws

Special Topics Addressed

  • Remarriage
  • Substance Abuse and Other Addictions
  • Mental Health Problems
  • Infidelity
  • Domestic Violence

Download Your Copy

While physical copies are no longer available, the Healthy Marriage Handbook can be downloaded for free! A Spanish version, Manuel del Matrimonio Saludable, is also available.

Download in English Download in Spanish